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An incredible journey of project cargo weighing 50,000 tons across two continents by sea, river and land. Globalink Logistics overcomes logistical difficulties for the of the Nurek Hydroelectric Power Plant project in Tajikistan, which has no access to the sea.


Globalink2 As a landlocked country, Tajikistan faces unique logistical challenges that require innovative solutions. The Nurek HPP project in Tajikistan, a vital initiative aimed at revolutionizing the country's energy sector, has required the transportation of more than 50,000 tons of cargo over the past few years, including heavy machinery and super-heavy transformers weighing more than 220 tons. Globalink Logistics, a leading provider of project logistics in the CIS and the Caspian region, masterfully coordinated a multimodal transportation strategy combining sea, river and land transportation from the ports of the Black Sea through the ports of the Caspian Sea, Bautino and Aktau and further by land transport, crossing the rugged terrain of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan before arriving at a remote project site in Tajikistan.

The beginning of the journey by Sea – River – Land

Globalink Logistics has used its extensive global network and partnership relations with leading shipping and transportation companies to develop a comprehensive and effective plan. Cargo from different continents was initially transported by sea to the port of the Black Sea and then by land waterways to the ports of Bautino and Aktau on the Caspian Sea. The final stage of the journey was associated with the most serious challenges, as a team of Globalink experts, consisting of engineers and logistics specialists, coordinated land transportation from the ports of the Caspian Sea through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Using specialized heavy trailers and hydraulic centerlines, the professionals expertly maneuvered giant transformers and other heavy equipment over rough terrain.

The accuracy and commitment of our company to safety were demonstrated when the cargo was moved along difficult roads and infrastructure, ensuring that it would be delivered to the site of the Nurek HPP safely and according to schedule.

Triumph of innovation and experience

Successful fulfillment of complex transport requirements within the framework of the Nurek HPP is a testament to the innovative spirit and experience of Globalink Logistics in project logistics. By skillfully combining sea, river and land transportation and overcoming the problems of delivering goods to a landlocked country, Globalink Logistics has proven that even the most complex logistics problems can be solved with innovation, precision and determination. Being the benchmark of excellence in the industry, Globalink Logistics continues to expand the boundaries of what is possible in the field of logistics and transportation. The role of Globalink Logistics in the Nurek HPP project contributed to a brighter and more environmentally friendly future for the residents of Tajikistan and the whole world.

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